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  • #FoodieFriday: CBD Oil Dog Treat

    Time for another #FoofieFriday recipe! And because it's almost #InternationalPetDay, we want you to prepare a treat for your puppies on April 11. ...
  • Dirty Dozen 2021

    The “The Dirty Dozen” is published each year by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They use the data collected by the USDA’s pesticide residue...
  • A Guide To Use CBD Oil

    As we speak, millions of people around the world are slowly but surely embracing CBD as their go-to dietary supplement to heighten their overall sense of well-being.
  • Face Mask is Essential: Stop the spread, mask up!

  • Let’s Talk About Women’s Wellness!

    Women and wellness; every month could be women’s month because well, as we all know women are pretty amazing! But today, we will be celebrating wom...
  • The Many Health Benefits Of Using CBD Oil

    The CBD industry is witnessing exponential growth because lately, millions of people across the nation have been filling up their shopping carts with CBD oils, gummies, sprays, and topical creams!
  • Pandemic Anxiety

    As days, weeks, and months pass by with the pandemic still upon us, we are forced to stay within the four walls of our
  • Hemp Fabric | A Game-Changer In Sustainable Fashion

    In a world of fast fashion, Hemp fabrics come in to slow things down with its durability and sustainability. Nowadays, there is trend on living more sustainably and it is one we should all jump into because we all wear clothes, every single day.
  • We've Made Some Changes

    Ever since launching in 2018, we've always held the belief that you the consumer deserve a superior high quality C.B.D oil, a whole plant extract from the Earth to the bottle. That is why we have taken every measure to ensure you are getting just that when you purchase your C.B.D oil from A Golden Drop. This approach has greatly worked as we have experienced incredible feedback and testimonials of your very own healing experiences.
  • What is CBD oil?

    Most of the CBD used medicinally is found in the least processed form of the cannabis plant family, known as hemp.

  • CBD and its anti-inflammatory benefits

    Anti-inflammatory benefits Inflammation is a “war” – a natural protective body response to damaged cells and pathogens. Acute and chronic inflammat...
  • July 2020


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