Why You Need CBD Chocolate!

Why You Need CBD Chocolate!

Mmmm....chocolate. There’s no denying, we love it! Chocolate naturally contains a bliss chemical, so it’s no wonder we just can’t help ourselves. 

Raw chocolate is the only food that contains Anandamide, a natural pleasure molecule, resulting in that blissful feeling we get when we eat chocolate. Anandamide, which is naturally produced by the human body, fits into cannabinoid receptor sites of the nervous system, increasing pleasure and improving motivation. Anandamide and CBD bind to the same receptor sites of the brain, which means that raw chocolate is a perfect way to deliver CBD to the body.

Raw chocolate is naturally high in potassium, fiber, iron, and phosphorus. It has an unusually high content of alkaline magnesium, which supports the brain, heart and cardiovascular system, and chromium for blood sugar. It is a natural mood elevator/anti-depressant and has 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. 

So look forward to grabbing yourself a piece of our delicious raw CDB chocolate...your body will thank you!

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