Introducing My Hemp Benefits Tincture Sprays

Introducing My Hemp Benefits Tincture Sprays

This is an exciting time for us at My Hemp Benefits. We have been working diligently to create a CBD that’s sssoooo good we couldn't wait to tell you all about it! We have all been using it here at My Hemp Benefits and the time has finally come for us to share it with you.

The team here consists of 4 like minded, health conscious women and since we are all label readers, we expect you to be too. If we're putting something in our bodies, we're reading the label!

My Hemp Benefits' tincture sprays are organically harvested, right here in the United States. After the farmers harvest the hemp plant, the oil is extracted using a supercritical process which is the cleanest, purest way to collect the oil. Once we found the best CBD, we had to decide how to offer it to you, the consumer. We know that pretty much everyone wants a tasty health supplement, but we also know that we could sacrifice adding flavorings and sweeteners if optimum health could be the reward. Thankfully, since we all read our labels, it was really a no brainer to eliminate sweeteners like sucralose and take a more raw and clean approach.

So you know what we did next? We learned how great terpenes were and sampled a few. Not only was Limonene the best tasting one, with its natural lemon essence, it also elevated the formula of the tincture. The terpenes added additional health benefits such as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial therapeutic compounds.

And of course, we needed a carrier oil. We didn’t want to use coconut oil for fear of people with nut allergies and we couldn’t use just any old cheap oil.

We paired our 99% full spectrum CBD with 1% organic hemp seed oil and limonene terpene.

So there you have it. Allow us to introduce to you My Hemp Benefits Tincture Sprays....

....drum roll please.... 

Organic Hemp Seed Oil, 99% Full Spectrum CBD and Limonene Terpene. 

As pure as the plant, just the way it was intended to be.

Not only do we hope you enjoy our CBD in its raw essence, but we would love for you to tell a friend who could benefit from the use of CBD as well.

To your health!

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