Hemp for Earth Day and Every Day

Hemp for Earth Day and Every Day

April 22 has been declared Earth Day. A whole day dedicated to protecting the environment, with events and demonstrations being held all over the world. Today we would like to pay homage to one of Earth’s most beloved, resourceful, and miraculous plants, Hemp. 

For far too long, Hemp has had a bad reputation because of its cousin plant, marijuana. However, on December 20, 2018, President Trump signed hemp into the Farm Bill which recognizes it for its medicinal and industrial value, removing it from the Section I controlled substance abuse list. 
A hemp renaissance is upon us and it's timing could not be more perfect. We hope you enjoy learning some new fun facts about hemp:

Back in the 1700's Americans were required to grow hemp as a staple crop and it was even an acceptable way of paying one's taxes.

Hemp grows deep down into the earth. Its roots aerate and remove toxins from the soil, requiring little water. It grows as tall as 20 feet, with only 90 days to maturity. It is a natural resource that American farmers have a right and a need to plant. Farmers can now once again be intentional and purposeful in planting and growing hemp.

Did you know hemp is naturally resistant to pests? By integrating hemp, we can significantly reduce our exposure to unnecessary toxins and pollutants within our farms. 

It is a sturdy, natural source of food, producing from its seeds, two vital food products, oil and flour. 

Cultivating hemp could save our forests. Annually, an acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 3-4 acres of trees.

Hemp is more durable than cotton. It needs a lot less land and water to grow and its fabrics are much softer than cotton on the skin. 

Its medicinal value has been used throughout different cultures on our Earth for thousands of years from ointments and slaves to the muddling of its leaves. Thankfully, hemp derived CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states. 

Hemp can produce plastic that is biodegradable. The basic building block of making plastic is cellulose derived from petroleum, which happens to be toxic. Hemp is a great producer of cellulose and without the toxicity of petroleum. Imagine, a world with biodegradable water bottles?

Every day is Earth Day. We must begin to work together to renew our planet and all of its natural resources before it’s too late. Future generations are dependent on it. Hemp is making its comeback just at the right time. Knowledge is power and now we know. 

This is our Earth Day. 

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