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Hemp Fabric | A Game-Changer In Sustainable Fashion

In a world of fast fashion, Hemp fabrics come in to slow things down with its durability and sustainability. Nowadays, there is trend on living more sustainably and it is one we should all jump into because we all wear clothes, every single day. The more pieces we have in our wardrobe that last, the more chances we can save the environment. This trend brings spotlight to producing more sustainable fabrics and creating great quality clothing. One of those that shine so bright, are Hemp fabrics.

In a Vogue article by Jasreen Mayal Khanna, hemp fabric is described to “have the look of linen and the hand feel of cotton that gets better every wash as it is the strongest fiber known to man. The fabric conducts heat, dyes well, resists mildew, blocks ultraviolet light and has natural anti-bacterial properties.” It highlighted how Hemp fabric is becoming the “it” fabric that large labels such Armani, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have already started using.

In a Ted Talk, Amy Ansel, founder of Titan Bioplastics, discussed her belief in new things and her interest in disruptive technology/bio-innovation. In her talk, she sites an example on how Hemp fabric production is in fact more sustainable than other fabrics such as cotton. Hemp takes 5,ooo gallons of water to produce a mere 2 lbs. of fabric, whereas Hemp takes half the land and 10% of water to produce the same amount of fabric.

Transitioning to a sustainable wardrobe does not happen overnight, but being more aware of what we purchase is already a big step towards that goal of living responsibly.

Read the Vogue article here: Watch Amy Ansel’s TedTalk Here:

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