Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Women. We are mothers, sisters, girlfriends, caretakers, nurturers, superheroes, and so much more! Smart, strong, passionate, and loving, but all we want is a little respect. We are not weak damsels that need to be rescued, but we are physically different than men and can easily be overpowered. We are easy targets of violence and abuse in our everyday world. Physical, verbal, and emotional are all forms of abuse, but technology is changing how people interact with each other. 

So, what about cyber bullying and online abuse? These are very real and scary forms of violence that can’t always be escaped or even recognized as abuse. Maybe you don’t even realize it is abuse until it’s too late. We must always protect ourselves. Please read more about cyber safety here. This important guide on women’s safety online has great tips and actions for different situations. It was written by women for women.

Domestic violence in the home effects not only women, but also our children. They are watching and learning this behavior, witnessing the abuser and the victim. When children are raised in a home of abuse and disrespect between their parents, the only message they receive is fear, neglect, and darkness. It will continue through the next generation because unfortunately, these children typically grow up with behavioral and psychological issues. We must speak out and help our sisters, all women and children, from getting abused. If you would like to learn more about how domestic violence effects children, visit Roundtable; a non-profit organization committed to promoting safe healthy relationships and public awareness.

Domestic violence is a vicious cycle that gets passed down from generation to generation. If you or someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship or being abused please get help. You matter. You are enough. You can do it. It will be hard, but it will be worth it, because you are loved and deserve to be happy.

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