CBD & Prescription Medications

CBD & Prescription Medications

CBD oil can have a bidirectional effect on the body. The ECS can influence the body to regulate and maintain cellular balance, therefore influencing physiology. For example, if there is too much activity in a particular area, the ECS sends cannabinoids to settle it down. On the other hand, it can also send cannabinoids to increase activity.

It is essential information for people currently taking prescription medications and would also like to use CBD oil. You wouldn't want your body to compete with itself. The CBD oil could increase or decrease the strength of the medication, having an opposite effect and preventing the desired outcome and why people are taking the prescribed drug in the first place.

First, consult your doctor and determine if CBD is a good fit for you. Start by simply reading the label on the bottle of meds. Also, the pharmacist can help to make sure there won't be any drug interactions.

Is there a grapefruit warning?

The grapefruit rule is a handy way to scope out potential medication mixing risks. It refers to the fact that if you are to consume grapefruit along with a particular drug, you are likely to have a higher concentration of that drug in the body. Grapefruit drug interactions work the same way as CBD, which means that they too interact with the CYP enzymes to raise the levels of certain drugs. So the grapefruit rule implies that you should consider any grapefruit warning you find on a drug to serve twofold as a CBD warning.

Please note that this is a general rule of thumb and a great starting point.

It doesn't mean you can't use CBD; it just means you need to be more responsible and do some research before starting the CBD for the best possible results.

After consulting with your healthcare professional, another great reference to review your prescriptions is a resource like drugs.com. You can enter the name of your script and check for interactions. If you enter CBD or cannabidiol and nothing comes up, try entering Marinol or Epidiolex. Marinol is a synthetic version of THC or marijuana in pill form, and Epidiolex is a synthetic version of an anti-seizure medication with an isolated form of CBD. Both are approved drugs by the FDA and will most likely be within their database.

You will also want to monitor your numbers and bloodwork regularly. As the body strengthens, it is not uncommon for prescriptions to be modified by your doctor, especially those taken daily like thyroid or blood pressure meds.

If you know your body, lifestyle, diet, and prescriptions can be valuable when combining natural alternatives with more traditional medical healing alternatives.

CBD oil can be a great addition to add your health journey, whether used alone or with meds when used responsibly. As always, do your research and ask questions. Don't be upset if your doctor doesn't know. Instead, find a doctor that has been educated in cannabis healing and get a second opinion.


If you currently use CBD oil, or if you would like to start, make healthy choices and educate yourself. Talk to your doctor, ask your friends and family. Read labels and get curious but don't be silent. Use your voice and be heard! Stay well.

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