CBD for Wound Care

CBD is an amazing plant with incredible health benefits. We all know this. But, did you know that CBD works incredibly on the outside too? Well, if you didn't before, you might now. Check out these pictures below. The picture is the finger of a local fisherman, and the wound is a result of fishing line constantly digging into the same spot on his finger. The fisherman complained of pain and his finger is swollen. I suggested he use one spray of My Hemp Benefits 3000 mg CBD oil. One spray which delivers 16 mg of CBD on the open cut was applied and then covered with a band-aid. The fisherman removed the band-aid after about 8 hours and was pleasantly surprised to see the healing progress that took place and also the pain and swelling was gone. If this is what CBD is doing right before our eyes, imagine what it is doing in our bodies? A picture's worth a thousand words....


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